Your Pocket Guide to Capital Raising, Business Consultancy, Sales, and Email Precision

Capital Raising a Helicopter View

In your journey of capital or fund raising you are in search of Companies, Qualified Investors, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, Angel Investors, Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds, and Institutions.

Business Consultancy

You don’t need to be an MBA or have technical expertise or skills to be a fundraiser and a business consultant for a project or an investment deal, you need 85% communication and networking skills, and 15% knowledge about the field, industry or sector which the project or business you are raising for is operating within, that’s why you need to spend almost a month to get educated and learn about what you are raising for.

  1. Strategy and competitive advantage (What differentiate you from peers and competitors, what standards are you raising and/or creating within your respective industry which create gains, what pains are you eliminating or reducing)
  2. Short and long term goals
  3. Customer or client segment, and traction if available
  4. Information on the product, service or investment opportunity
  5. Revenue streams, Sales targets or target return
  6. Expenses, budgets, and cost structure as well as uses of funds
  7. Marketing plan
  8. Operation plan
  9. Historical financials if available, and future financial projections
  10. Valuation
  11. Key partnerships you have
  12. Resources you have being it Intellectual, financial, or assets if available
  13. Management team and their bios
  14. Any appendices if necessary for any technical details, drawings, or data sheets

Capital Raising Process

Capital or Fundraising is all about the story telling which is more of a sales role while marketing materials act as assisting materials, its always about the story telling and how you sell the idea or the concept.

Sales or Pitch Deck

Keep your Pitch Deck brief and concise and try to limit it around 5 slides, don’t load the slides with a ton of lines and details, just the headlines, remember its all about the story telling, so any details you want to demonstrate you can say them while you are pitching or putting links to them in the slides, investors and CEOs don’t like to read a lot of details at first.

Executive Summary

An executive summary should be an attention grabbing short synopsis of 1 or 2 pages which provides:

  1. Mission statement
  2. Company description and a brief history
  3. Management team and advisors
  4. The product or service and its positioning in the market, and how it differs from competitors
  5. Financial requirements and how it will help you accomplish your mission and goals or returns

Email Precision

Always start the subject line with Bold keywords according to the reply you need from your email:

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