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The major obstacle facing digital assets and cryptocurrencies is adoption, and no adoption will take place sufficiently unless you eliminate the hassles which token and cryptocurrency holders face. …

Article 1.0: Traditional Investments Part 1 (Equities)

Following up on our previous article on the Investment Industry. In this article we are going to explore Traditional Investments, and we will follow up in upcoming articles with a break down and illustration of Alternative Investments and how they differ from traditional ones and how to classify them. So lets get started.

Traditional Investments refer to the most commonly known asset classes that were almost the main and major constitutions of almost the entire portfolios of investors for decades, they are also characterised by being almost Liquid which means they provide the ease and immediate ability to…

Capital Raising a Helicopter View

In your journey of capital or fund raising you are in search of Companies, Qualified Investors, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, Angel Investors, Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds, and Institutions.

In order to reach such sources of capital or funds you need to have a fundraising unit in place which requires building a team, a plan, and a procedure.

The best time to reach for investors to meet them is on holidays, they are available and have more time, you should always start by building relations to find what are they looking for before you bring a…

Article 0: The Investment Industry

Welcome to our first article of CFA Corner’s publication on Medium, with a series of articles titled “Triple Crown of Finance”. The Triple Crown of Finance refers to the top three most sought after and recognised finance credentials and designations, which are the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) recognised as the Gold Standard of Finance, the CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) Designation the second top investment executive qualification, and the PRM (Professional Risk Manager) credential or FRM (Financial Risk Manager), the last two PRM and FRM are recognised to be equivalent to each other.

If you have an MBA or…

Hi and welcome to MBA Fridays, today’s article will discuss due diligence of blockchain ventures and the key questions entrepreneurs, business owners, and/or investors need to answer for their projects to be viable or investment to be feasible.

The following are a typical questions from a VC investor or fund which projects need to be prepared to answer to get full ears and eyes from them.

  1. Justification of token issuance? (How does the token serve a decentarlised economy?)
  2. Data collection, does it need a consortium?
  3. What kind of distributed, trustless ecosystem does scarce assets need consensus on, if any?

Hi and welcome again to #MBA_Fridays, readers of our last published story have reacted with it in a way which is quite interactive, as some have taken some actions on the ground regarding our suggestions and recommendations.

For those who wants to be well aware and educated about blockchain, this article is for you. It is a comprehensive curated list of resources for a full fledged education and practical insights into the field.

We divided it into weeks (though you may cover a week in a day, according to your time), schedule it the way that best suits you.

Hi and welcome again, its been a long time since we wrote a new article, while its not Friday but we felt like writing this on a non Friday as a way of breaking the norm every little now and then.

We were observing the markets, businesses, and investments going through the crypto/blockchain hype and as per our efforts to escalate the the ecosystem of business and investments which PE and VC constitutes a major portion of it, as well as navigating the cryptosphere for blockchain ventures, we seize the opportunity to draw some of the criteria where Blockchain…

Article 4.1 Skills for the job market

Dear all, we missed you so much, welcome back to #MBA_Fridays articles on tomorrow's jobs and career enhancement.

In this article we are going to introduce you to crucial skills that will land you a job at many companies worldwide, we have curated a small list of the best online courses you can take for a very reasonable and affordable price and you will be totally satisfied by the skills you gain and learn and by the job you get as well, so lets go.

The first one might seem so obvious or outdated, but you are totally wrong, it’s…

Article 4.0

Hi all, hope you are doing well in your MBA journey and enjoying your new self education era with #MBA_Fridays.

This Friday we are going to list for you the best business books heavily selected and curated through years of reading and review.

The Ten Day MBA

This book is a miracle, it compiles all the MBA subjects in a single volume and revealing top tier MBA programs secrets at a very cheap price, we couldn’t believe when we first read it that such a resource could ever exist.

The Personal MBA

Wow, well, wow, this book is a once in a lifetime, great and nice, a…

Article 3.0 From MOOC s to MBA

Hi and welcome back to #MBA_Fridays, we missed you so much, and we are more than excited to continue the #MBA_Fridays journey with you and starting a new phase with this article.

Now that you are well prepared in the business arena, we are going to shift it a little bit higher to the next level, with a real MBA degree from a top US business school, Illinois, yes The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, one of the leading universities in the US is offering an online MBA programme through Coursera platform. …

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